Benefits of Estate Planning

Estate planning

We Make Estate Planning Easy And Convenient

Why take chances with your final wishes regarding the distribution of your assets and property? Call The Law Office of Paul D. White P.A. today for a FREE initial consultation! We can make sure that your final wishes are carried out with as little dispute or difficulty as possible.

Don't Die Intestate — Let Us Draft A Will For You

If you die without a will, your assets will be distributed according to Arkansas intestate law. There are dower rights and curtesy rights for surviving wives and husbands, and the amount received from them are dependent on the existing children, the age of the children, and the debts on the estate. Spouses and children will receive the majority of the assets while the rest of the property will be given to the family by category.

Ensure that your money, property, and other assets get to the designated people by drafting your will with us. We can make sure that your final wishes will hold up to legal scrutiny so your loved ones get what they are entitled to receive by your wishes.

Trusts, Healthcare Directives, And More

We can also set up trusts to distribute assets while you are still living or after your death with control advantages. We also help you establish healthcare directives, powers of attorney, and advance directives to establish your wishes should you be incapacitated or otherwise unable to clearly state your intentions for your health and well-being. Talk to us today and we'll determine how best to address your unique estate planning needs.
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