Probate Administration

Probate administration

Over 21 Years Of Probate Administrating Experience

If someone dies without a will, the assets are distributed through "administration." Arkansas law states that two people must be involved in the administration: a personal representative and that representative's attorney. When a will is not present, the state will assign a person as that representative with a preference to the deceased's heirs and relatives.

The Law Office Of Paul D. White P.A. has been serving as a probate administrator for over 21 years. We can guide you through the probate process to ensure that everything is done legally. Contact us for a FREE initial consultation today!

The Duties Of The Personal Representative

  • Collect the property and assets of the decedent
  • Protect the property and assets of the decedent
  • Pay all the debts and taxes for the estate
  • Determine the potential heirs
  • Litigate or settle any lawsuits pertaining to the decedent
  • Keep all estate property in good repair
  • Obey all court orders
  • Determine and pay all the federal estate taxes
  • Determine and pay all the state and federal taxes
  • Distribute the remaining assets to heirs
Arkansas law states that anyone of sound mind over the age of 21 can act as a personal representative. Ensure that you can fulfill your duties by calling The Law Office Of Paul D. White P.A. for our legal assistance. 
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